Got Milk?

We had an excellent day sail in the Potomac. The wind was perfect and we cruised through small waves as Caprica pointed into the Chesapeake. Everything was right. Eventually it was time to return and I used the trusted D-255 Volvo Penta Diesel engine to guide us through Smith channel. We ran the engine hard for half an hour, warming the cabin and soothing Eleanor to sleep. Once in the slip, we hooked up shore power and darted off to my parents’ house for a long overdue dinner.

Several hours later we returned home, exhausted and ready to climb into our beds. Upon entering Caprica, we were treated to a crushing, spine numbing, mind altering stench that permeated through the cabin. We traced the smell to Eleanor’s berth and removed everything – searching for the culprit. I assumed that a pile of vomit had leaked through her bed and cooked on the hot motor but all investigations were dead ends. Under every pad, panel and hatch was clear.

As we were about to give up I found a stealth cupboard near the engine where Eleanor had stashed half a bottle of milk about 2 weeks earlier. It had turned into a science fair project and then cooked as the motor is just below it. I now check the “hot box” every day for hidden treasures.

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