There is a Reason Why They Call it Beating to Windward

In Rockland before departure, we watched heavy fog hang across the harbor. Visibility was just under a mile with the occasional encroachment to a few hundred feet. We hauled in 160 feet of chain and our number 1 anchor, hoisted sail and cruised out of the harbor. The fog enveloped us, and we watched pensively as a large cursing catamaran a few boat lengths off of our bow then the land to starboard vanished.

Everyone Needs a Hero or Two

“Do I yell their names?” Then it hit me. “I didn’t actually know these people, and they had no idea who I was.” I was, in fact, that guy that saw them in a parking lot and in a sense followed them home. I know how I would react.

Bowsprits Galore

The Friendship sloops are deceptively fast and are formidable advisories to the modern day cruising sloop. With long overhangs, bowsprits galore and huge sail areas, the Friendship sloops did short work of Caprica as we entered Rockland harbor.