Hard Aground and the Inflatable Armada to the Rescue

On deck, the skipper nervously paced knowing that he would be there until the next high tide or the local harbormaster called a tow boat. Towboats are expensive and on occasion have been known to claim that a soft grounding is actually a salvage operation; a small check in a box on a traffic ticket type carbon copy paper that essentially gives the tow boat operator rights to your boat unless you pay up.

The Tradeoff

I was relieved, but then He-Man said: “We have to help this guy.” Bracing against the ever-maddening wind, I looked at the center cockpit boat slamming into the dock, riding up and down with every wave and exhaled. He-Man was right of course. If you could fix it, you did. That was part of the sailor’s code. You help when possible. Without hesitating, He-Man ninja jumped Olympic style onto the heaving and pitching deck.