Imagine a warm bowl of raspberry peach cobbler handed up to you as you dodge lobster pots at the foggy entrance of Penobscot Bay. Or the aroma of a steaming pot of chicken and dumplings filling the cabin as the boat steers south out of the Gulf of Maine at dusk.

Successfully planning for, storing, and preparing food while underway and living at the dock takes a lot of work and involves trial and error. There is limited storage and exposure to the elements that can quickly ruin the tastiest of plans.

We have thousands of nautical miles that have shown us which food choices are worth the investment and which do not hold up very well. These comparisons involve how many meals a can of dehydrated chicken breast will yield or which brand of powdered milk will not clump in a cup of coffee.

The items you see linked below are those that we confidently recommend to you for your travels or those that you’ll enjoy with us when you dingy over to Caprica for a visit. Enjoy!


Beans: black, great northern, kidney, pinto

Biscuit Mix








Tomatoes, diced