Our boat girl finally walked 40 miles offshore Block Island and mastered balance heeled over at 18 knots.

Raising a baby then a toddler aboard is one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made. Yet in the beginning, we scoured the blogs of other liveaboard families to learn what they had done and what they had used to ensure that their boats were safe and engaging places for children to live and grow.

We are four years in and life couldn’t be better. Our boat girl is strong, confident, and more knowledgable each day about the boat in which we live and the wonders of nature that live outside.

What we’ve selected below are the things that have made our lives aboard easy and safe with our growing girl. We hope that these recommendations will help others prepare and succeed with raising their own boat babies aboard.

Baby Carrier – Essential for safely carrying baby on and off the boat.

Bathtub – Foldable for easy storage and transport.

Booster Seat – Fits perfectly around salon table or in cockpit.

Crib – Ensures baby is safe while sleeping; especially underway.

Netting – Allows toddler to move around on deck with boundaries.